What I unconsciously learned
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what I unconsciously video
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What I unconsciously learned


Installation & Performance

Arteriet, Kristiansand (NO)

What I unconsciously learned was shown in the exhibition "The Unknown in Us". The exhibition is about our relationship to our own body and sensory impressions.

Fascia, which are fibrous layers in connective tissue, are located beneath the skin, forming a form of a large three-dimensional mesh that holds together different parts of our body. Even though we experience the fascia with each movement we do, there is still something unknown about it. Most have not consciously met their fascia; haven't seen them, haven't looked at them, haven't smelled them, not quite though how they work. The performance explores the movements of a large, site-specific tissue and puts it in context with the movements of my own fascia. 
Different researchers propose that fascia are very responsive to emotions and stress, and that our personal underneath-spiderweb may be formed by the emotional experience of our live. 
The installation contains autobiographical writing on my upbringing and emotional pains it brought with it.